PAWS for Jenn Autumn Rose
Fundraiser to obtain a Service Dog

March 30, 2020, 10:02 am
For Jenn, A Service Dog would be more then just a companion. It would provide not only added safety for her conditions, but would allow her much more independence in her day to day activities. The ability to go for a walk without constant supervision, or to go out into the public with less worry of her own safety in the event of a seizure occuring. A Specially Trained Service Dog would not only be able to provide security in the event of unconsciousness, but would be capable of alerting Medical Personnel, and even in predicting a potential seizure before it happens, allowing Jenn to take action herself to ensure her own safety prior to the attack.

In Jennifers' Own Words
Imagine the fear of passing out at a moments notice. Never knowing where you will be or if there is help around. Imagine having no independence everyday. Some one has to be in the same bed and having someone watch you in the shower to make sure you are ok. Imagine the fear of not waking up after a seizure. My Cerebral Palsy holds me back. Imagine passing out and hardly remembering where you are, and what's going on around you. I have all of this every single day. i have no alone time. When I do get out of the house with supervision I am scared about passing out. Im afraid I am never going to wake up. Im scared of having a seizure at school, and not getting help. I never know what has happened when I wake up. With a service dog all these things will change. I will never be alone. My family can be relieved and not always have to watch me. I will have immediate help with the dog finding the nearest person or by calling EMTs. The dog will give me comfort and it will let me be independent. Please help me get all these things and more. Help me get my life back.

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